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love-flat-belly-sBloating is a common complaint and certainly everyone has experienced it at some point or another in life.

Bloating is uncomfortable, unpleasant and, at times downright embarrassing. But easily curable, if not related to a serious cause.

It is actually the increase in the degree and frequency of symptoms that could be cause for concern, and needs to be addressed.

Frequent bloating indicates a less than efficient digestion, which in the long-term, could be detrimental to your health. We tend to take the elaborate functions of the digestive system for granted until we begin experiencing the symptoms of poor digestive health.

Bloating, gas, acid reflux, stomachache and other gastrointestinal sensitivities are all signs that digestion is not functioning optimally.

The digestive system-considered one of the most important systems in the body- has the intricate task of ensuring absorption of vital nutrients. It also acts as a barrier stopping harmful substances. As a matter of fact, it is the monitor of overall body health.

Always remember: Efficient Digestion is Crucial to Optimal Health

The Body's Powerhouse

buddha-eyes-sGood health starts in the gut. Eastern philosophies, medicine and the healing arts all consider the gut as the body's powerhouse, or energy center, called the Hara.

The Hara -located at the navel and just below- is the center of all energy that runs through the body. It's considered the gateway to an "ocean of energy", which literally is the meaning of the word Hara. It is also the center of balance and the seat of emotions.

The Japanese believe that the Hara houses the Vital Spirit, Life Force or 'Chi'. Persistent bloating indicates malfunction in the powerhouse and -besides the discomfort- could signal a more serious underlying condition.

Not only does the latest research confirm this notion, but it also suggests that digestive problems can be the root cause of many serious and even life-threatening diseases.

Gastrointestinal issues can seriously impact the quality of your life. It is indeed practically impossible to be healthy when the digestive system is not functioning properly. But you probably know this already, since you've been searching for bloating and gas remedies.

Symptoms of Digestive Disorders

Though generally benign, persistent bloating and gas is not to be taken lightly. The safest route is to determine what causes it and deal with it immediately.

If you experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Belching, flatulence, gas and bloating
  • Acid reflux
  • Food intolerance or food allergies
  • Constipation and/or diarrhea
  • Rumbling or gurgling in the stomach
  • Fatigue, especially following a meal
  • Dull complexion
  • Sleeplessness
  • Unexplained and persistent hunger

It's a sure sign that your digestive system is not functioning efficiently.

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Fortunately, bloating and gas are symptoms that need not be permanent. It's amazing how much you can improve your digestion and banish bloating for good, by following a few simple guidelines, and making minor changes to your diet and lifestyle.

So… How do you get rid of bloating and restore the inner peace of your digestive system?

We strongly believe that, when exploring treatments for digestive complaints, it's safer to start with methods that are simple, non-invasive, and carry minimal side effects. Small lifestyle changes, for instance.

Simply drinking more water, cutting down on salt or properly combining your food can, in some cases, alleviate bloating, gas and other digestive problems. Typically, combining these lifestyle changes with alternative and herbal remedies will produce the best results.

In our ebook 'Zen Secrets to a healthy and flat tummy' we highlight a fully comprehensive and detailed list of 21 potential causes of bloating. For each particular cause, we suggest effective and proven short-term fixes and long-term remedies.

The purpose of Zen Secrets is to:

  • Help you understand the reason behind your bloating and how to relieve it
  • Share with you timeless, potent, tried and tested natural bloating and gas remedies for immediate relief and to prevent future bloating
  • Ultimately free you from bloating and gas

 From the minute you open Zen Secrets to a healthy and flat tummy you will see how different it is from any other ebook you may have purchased online.

With a high quality, professionally designed, clear, layout and interactive features allowing you to easily navigate between your topics of interest.

It was specifically designed as an ebook, and, unlike 99.9% of ebooks on the market, is NOT a print book in digital format.

It is packed with quick, simple, easy, doable and practical tips and remedies to help you achieve optimal digestive health and eliminate bloating and gas for good .

Should none of the remedies listed prove efficient and bring you relief, we would strongly urge you to consult a doctor or a natural health professional.

Bloating can sometimes have a serious underlying medical cause and should not be neglected.


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