Yoga for Detox

Yoga Yoga is a great way to eliminate toxins through movement, breathing and postures.

Dynamic-type yoga such as Ashtanga or Power Yoga are particurlarly effective and powerful for detox, as they generate heat and induce profuse sweating.

I remember times in India when- in the downward dog posture- sweat would pour out of my forehead like an open tap!

The Ujjay breathing or "fire breathing" which is used in Ashtanga Yoga is known to generate a cleansing heat and encourage sweating. It enhances oxygen supply and detoxifies the blood.

Standard yoga postures like twists, compresss internal organs like the stomach, intestines, kidneys and liver, litterally squeezing toxins out in the process.

Regaining a normal posture after a twist will draw new blood and oxygen into these organs.

Inverted postures like the head and shoulder stands bring fresh blood rushing into the chest and brain, creating a "flushing" and cleansing effect and oxygenating the cells.

Finally breathing and relaxation help detox the mind, calming it down and ridding it of stress and mental toxins.

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