The New Detox Diet

organic food There are many diet programs on the market today. Starting from General Motors diet to Gout diet and Mediterranean diet.

You name it, you have it. Yet another addition to this stable is the Detox diet. This diet utilizes the body's inbuilt mechanism of eliminating various kinds of toxins.

It concentrates on feeding the body with nutritious food, rich in its vitamin and antioxidants. The major objective of the diet is to reduce the chemicals that go inside your body from various sources.

The diet puts emphasis on high fiber and organic food. If you are following the diet for the first time, you might experience slight discomfort in terms of nausea, headache, diarrhea, etc... Therefore, you must ensure that you drink enough water.

If you suffer from anemia, diabetes or heart disease, you should avoid the detox diet. This diet is also not recommended for people who are suffering from blood pressure, ulcers, and liver ailments, or women who are pregnant or nursing.

Benefits Of Cleansing Your System

There are slight side effects to the diet, but if you can follow it properly, it will actually work wonders for you. It relieves various ailments and irritations.

You can cure fatigue, headaches, tension, skin related problems, menstrual irregularities and numerous other ailments with the detox diet. You regain vitality and strengthen your immune system.

Toxic wastes build up in the body. They enter the system from various internal and external sources. The seven elimination channels work in tandem to get rid of the waste.

But, if at times, one or more of the channels malfunctions, the body starts accumulating toxins, which can reach unhealthy levels. This is when detoxification becomes necessary.

Detoxifying With Herbs

ginger Our body is a wonderful engine. It has precise in-built processes that put even the latest technology to shame. It can clean itself using various herbs. Detox teas are available on the market. They act as catalysts to the cleansing process.

They are made from a combination of herbs and contain no caffeine. Detox teas help reduce inflammation by aiding the liver.

Other herbs that help detoxify the body are:

Echinacea - One of the best cleansers. It helps the lymphatic system and fights infections caused by bacteria and viruses.

Fenugreek - Also known as the lung herb, helps to remove mucus and phlegm.

Ginger - Known for its cleansing properties.

You must keep in mind that going on a detox diet does not necessarily mean that you are depriving your body or punishing it. In fact, it is just the opposite. You are actually pampering and nourishing it with vital nutrients.

Detoxifying With The Help Of Ayurveda

Ayurveda has condoned detoxification since its beginning. It teaches maintaining a proper balance in the body. It also stipulates that internal cleansing should be fast, so that the toxins can be got rid of without disturbing the quality and regular functioning of the organs.

Ayurveda states that there are 3 kinds of toxins in our body. Namely incomplete indigestion, more reactive form of indigestion, and external toxins.

Incomplete digestion occurs when you consume foods that are not compatible with your body type, or when you eat large quantities, or go to sleep on a full stomach. If the toxins caused by this kind of indigestion are allowed to build up, they will disturb the natural movement of the bowels.

The more reactive form of indigestion is much more serious. It needs to be dealt with extra caution. The third type of toxin, or the one that comes from the external environment - heavy metals, pollution, synthetics and preservatives, can cause dangerous diseases like multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia.

Ayurveda aims at correcting any kind of imbalance in the body. It utilizes the existing elimination system to flush out toxic wastes.

The process used in ayurveda is painless and beneficial as a whole. It does not focus on any one specific organ. It balances all organs. Colon Cleansing is an excellent way to start this process.

by Jill McClane

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