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 Summary of the Benefits of the Swedish Bitters Elixir

  • Promotes biliary, pancreatic and gastric secretion
  • Disinfects intestinal tract
  • Soothes digestive tract
  • Relieves bloating, flatulence, gas, cramps and nausea
  • Encourages toxin elimination
  • Tonifies and regenerates
  • Gentle laxative
  • Restores natural acid balance in the stomach
  • Purifies, disinfects and stimulates circulation
  • When used externally, it alleviates inflammations of all kinds if applied to spots, wounds, bruises, scars and contusions
  • Stimulates liver function


Recommended Dosage:  1 teaspoon daily in a small glass of water in the mornings and evenings.


Swedish bitters Swedish Bitters By Granary Herbs

Since 1991 Granary Herbs has been providing high quality herbal tinctures for use by professionally qualified Medical Herbalists.

The business is run by Christine who, like her fellow Austrian Maria Treben, has a deep knowledge and understanding of her craft, which is readily apparent in her products and to other professionals in the field.

Granary Herbs offer the highest quality and purest Swedish Bitters available on the market today. It is made from the finest herbs following the authentic and famous Maria Treben's recipe.





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