Thalassotherapy - Treatment for Overall Wellness


sea water Thalassotherapy is effective in treating many medical complaints from arthritis to asthma and is also used for weight loss, as a detox aid and even to treat cellulite.


So what exactly is Thalasotherapy? Let's find out...

Thalassotherapy is a combination of two Greek words thalassa, or sea, and therapia, or treatment. Basically, Thalassotherapy is the use of seawater for medical reasons.

Seawater is believed to be the origin of all biological life, and its various metals and minerals, algae and salt are essential for life in general. These components of sea water are absorbed through the skin (pores) and act to heal or to refresh a tired body.

Some of the trace elements found in seawater are magnesium, potassium, calcium, various sulphates and sodium.

These elements absorbed through the skin go directly into the bloodstream, while if they are given in dietary form, they must first be digested.

Thalassotherapy, therefore, covers a variety of treatments involving sea water and marine minerals.

The therapy is given in various forms, sometimes as showers of warmed seawater, various applications of marine mud or of algae paste, even the inhalation of seawater fogs.

Different spas deliver heated seawater under high-pressure, and also provide mud and / or seaweed body wrapping.

These treatments claim to boost the body's blood and lymph circulation, accelerating the metabolism and promoting the elimination of toxins.

The seawater high-pressure jets can reduce tension from the back and shoulders, and clean the skin and pores. It is also believed the high-pressure jets can keep the muscles taught, and give the appearance of youthfulness.

Thalassotherapy's Potential Benefits

thalassotherapy Often used for detox, Thalassotherapy seems to be effective in treating many medical complaints, including eczema, psoriasis, back and muscular pain, arthritis and stress.

Thalassotherapy may improve hypertension, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, asthma, bronchitis, muscle atrophy, and scabies.

Also as it helps the metabolism, Thalassotherapy can lead to weight loss and a reduction in cellulite.

A Typical Thalassotherapy Treatment

Before beginning any treatment, you should speak to the thalassotherapist and describe your medical complaints or desired results.

A treatment typically involves, amongst others, immersion in a warm sea water bath while being massaged by seawater coming out of pressurized jets.

The seawater is maintained at body temperature, which is believed to allow mineral ions to pass into the blood and toxins to leave it.

This procedure can be followed by massage, a seaweed wrap, a salt scrub or mudpack facial. Resting and a short nap is usually recommended before leaving the spa.

Is Thalassotherapy Effective?

There are legions of people who swear by Thalassotherapy's benefits. One could apply the maxim that 'anything that makes you feel so wholesome and gives you such a feeling of well-being could not be bad for you'.- and this treatment certainly makes you feel good, and judging by testimonials from people who use it, its health benefits should not be ignored.


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