Propolis: A Very Powerful Immune System Booster


propolis-beesWhat Is It?

Bees harvest the Propolis resin from various conifers and cone-producing evergreen trees. They then mix it with their own wax and other secretions and use it to seal the cracks and coat the inside of the hive.

Biodynamic practitioners call it the ‘hive's armour’. It contributes to its overall hygiene by preventing the development of a broad range of microorganisms, fungus and bacteria. The hive's entrance is permanently coated with Propolis, creating a sterilizing chamber for everything brought inside; hence the Greek origin of its name, Pro (in front of) and Polis (the city).

It is recommended for the treatment of gum inflammations, mouth ulcers, abscesses and mycoses. It is very effective for the treatment of sore throat, pharyngitis, and laryngitis. In dermatology, it is used to treat cuts, abscesses, and wounds.

The Therapeutic Properties of Propolis Extract are Numerous and Include:

    • Immune system booster
    • Potent antioxidant
    • Anti-microbial  
    • Healing (burns, abscesses, cuts)
    • Analgesic
    • Anesthetic
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Wart removal

Because of the great number of active ingredients it contains, Propolis tincture is mainly used as a booster of the body’s immune system. It contains as many as 300 active compounds, making its antioxidant capacity amongst the highest available in any natural product. These components were found to mitigate the side effects or toxicity of chemotherapy drugs used in the treatment of cancer.


raw-propolisHow To Use the Propolis Tincture

Drink about ten drops diluted in lukewarm water 3 times a day, one hour before meals. You can use it as gargle as well, and safely swallow the liquid afterwards.

Propolis has no known adverse side effects or incompatibilities with any other medicines or natural products.

Depending on the condition, one week of treatment is generally sufficient. Treatment can be extended to three weeks, if needed. In which case, it is recommended to reduce and stop it gradually. People who are allergic to bee venom or to other products of the hive could react more strongly to Propolis and should avoid using it at first appearance of symptoms. Those suffering from immune system disorders should consult a therapist before beginning the treatment.

The medicinal grade variety must be harvested in a completely pollution-free environment, comprising of poplars, birches, alders, firs and other conifers. It should not be harvested in the city, where bees tend to mix it with tar and other synthetic resins. Our Certified Organic product is guaranteed free from such pollutants.


apiaryAbout Apis Apiary

Apis apiary is located in the heart of an undulating hinterland in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. It's biodiversity is truly exceptional; there are no less than 37 native tree and shrub species in its forest, to which dozen of other species, as well as some 20 varieties of fruit trees and shrubs have been added. It is also home to a number of hardy aromatic and medicinal perennials.

It's in this unique setup that we have installed our 30 hives apiary. Our hive products are of superior quality, ecological and Certified Organic.


By Lina Baker and Rand Khalil


PS: Harvested in an exceptionally rich environment, our Propolis is unique and cannot be found on store shelves. It is Certified Organic, pure and is directly sent from our rigourous standards Apis Apiary. It is not to be compared with most commercial propolis products that tend to be impure and mixed with sugar and other ingredients.


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