Mind Detox Breathing: Kapalbhati- Discover a Powerful Mind Detox Technique To Bring The Spark Back


success A power-breathing technique that is proven to help overcome blues, negativity, stress and depression - in a minute!

Almost all mind-body schools have used this single mind detoxification technique in some form or another - with dramatic results. More importantly, it is the only technique used exclusively for mind purification among all the Yoga cleansing routines.

It is called cleansing breath or "kapalbhati" in Sanskrit.

We all know that laughter is the best medicine. But do you really know why? No point in guessing - because, it works exactly the same way as this cleansing breath technique.

Kapalbhati has a remarkable effect as a de-stressing tool and clearing the mind of negative emotions. In fact, the Sanskrit words "Kapal" means the skull and "bhati" means polishing or shining. "Kapalbhati", as the name suggests, is a method to make the head "sparkling clean" and devoid of toxins.

Who Should Not Do It?

If you're suffering from cardiac problems, nasal obstruction, cold any severe respiratory infection, it is advisable to consult your physician. It should also be avoided if you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes or abdominal ulcers.

The Method

Although, the cleansing breath is remarkably simple, it is important that it is done properly.

Sit in a comfortable position with spine erect. You can sit either cross-legged or in any position that you feel comfortable. Breathe normally for about a minute. Once composed, you can begin. First, exercise the diaphragm by exhaling suddenly and quickly through both nostrils, producing a "puffing" sound. Don't focus on inhalation. It will be automatic and passive.

The air is exhaled completely from the lungs with a sudden, vigorous stroke while simultaneously drawing inwards the abdominal muscles. The breath should be expelled fully. Inhaling is automatic - the abdominal muscles will relax automatically. This exercise should be done in three rounds, each consisting of 11 strokes (for the beginner).

Each round should take about a minute. A little rest can be taken in between the rounds at your convenience. Throughout the exercise, the chest should be kept still without expansion or contraction. Only the diaphragm is used for breathing and not the upper chest.

Over a month, the number of strokes per minute can be gradually increased from 11 to about 30.

Wondering what this amazingly simple method can do for you? Read on...

The heat generated has powerful effects on the respiratory system as it purifies the nasal passage and the lungs. Even in cases of asthma, it removes spasm in bronchial tubes.

Kapalbhati works wonders on the mind - you will feel totally de-stressed and should experience a unique calmness with this process.

The mind becomes remarkably clear. Regular practice will lead you to higher levels of awareness.

The physical benefits include a powerful stimulation of the digestive organs, and the circulatory system.

This technique greatly increases exchange of gases in the lungs. There is large-scale elimination of carbon dioxide and a huge absorption of oxygen.

Do this technique regularly (once or twice a day) and you'll be truly amazed at the results of this purification method. It is a highly effective method to clear the mind of toxins and negative emotions.

For maximum benefits, do the practice regularly, twice a day. This technique should be done on an empty stomach or at least 2 hours after eating.

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