5 Wrinkle Treatments Found In Your Kitchen

Wrinkles Wrinkles are a fact of life that not many of us are willing to accept. As your body ages, the collagen in your skin begin to break down, causing the skin to lose its elasticity. This causes the skin to become loose and sag, which in turn creates the appearance of wrinkles. While there are cosmetically engineered products to help reduce wrinkles, some of the oldest known remedies can be found right in your kitchen.

With a little bit of ingenuity and persistence, you can fight wrinkles using these simple strategies.

Green Thompson seedless grapes have been known to help reverse the signs of aging. You can apply the power of their natural nutrient by cutting a grape in half and crush it evenly over trouble spots. Let the juices soak in for about 15 minutes, and then wash your face with warm water. Instead of using a towel, let you face dry naturally. You should notice the benefits immediately.

Cold tea bags applied to the eyes is a great way to reduce crow's feet and fine lines in this area of the face. Simply soak the bags in ice cold water and then rest them on your close eye lids. The healing properties of tea and the caffeine will actually reduce puffiness and fine lines.

Another method of fighting wrinkles is to supplement your current diet. By adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet you will provide your body with the antioxidants and vitamins needed to maintain healthy skin. Vitamin C is an essential element for producing skin collagen, and utilizing natural sources of it will increase absorption.

Castor oil has been recommended for ages as a proven skin moisturizer. It is particularly effective for the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. You can find castor oil in your grocery store, but make sure you purchase the unscented version. Apply a drop to your index finger and gently rub into the affected area before bedtime.

Wrinkles Lemon juice is recommended for reducing age spots and blemishes that often accompany wrinkles. Use a soft cloth to dab the targeted area with lemon juice a couple of times a day. This is not an overnight cure, but the effects will compound over time and slowly reduce the appearance of the age spots.

As with any home-based cure, you will require more patience with using these remedies. Just as your wrinkles took time to develop, some of these cures will also take time to produce results.

By Xavier Gallery

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