Juice Detox Diet Benefits

Home juicing provides an array of health benefits, including:


Juice DetoxDigestive Benefits: when you juice, you actually save your body the task of extracting the food juices to glean nutrition. Assimilation and absorption of nutrients therefore becomes easier.

Additionally, because digesting fresh juices requires little effort, it will give your digestive system a much needed rest. A big part of our daily energy is spent on digesting all the meals we consume, taking off some of this pressure will give you a sense of renewed energy.

Detox Benefits: A lot has been written about the detoxifying action of a juice diet. Juicing is a gentle process of detoxification as opposed to complete fasting. The use of a variety of fruits and vegetables enables the body to still get its necessary daily calories from the juices. This makes the release of toxins from the fat cells much more gentle and gradual.

Nutritive Benefits: Fresh pressed juice is a great source of live enzymes, highly concentrated vitamins, essential minerals and antioxidants, which are all vital for optimal health.

The freshness of juice and its richness in enzymes is a key feature. Enzymes are destroyed by heat, so cooking food at temperatures over 114 degrees destroys them.

Fruit and vegetable juices are also rich sources of vitamins. Citrus fruits (grapefruit, orange, etc.) provide a healthy percentage of vitamin C. Carrot juice contains large quantities of vitamin A and a number of green juices provide vitamin E. Fruit juices also contain essential minerals like iron, copper, potassium, sodium, iodine, and magnesium, which are bound by the plant in a form that is easily assimilated during digestion.

Furthermore, The levels of some antioxidants, like beta-carotene from carrots, have been proven to be dramatically higher in the juice of the vegetable, as opposed to eating the whole food, either cooked or raw.

Fresh juice made at home is unpasteurized and is wholesome nutrition. The pasteurization process uses high heat to kill potential pathogens. Sadly this destroys vital nutrients as well.

Optimsing Your Daily Intake of Greens: National health boards recommend a daily intake of five servings of fruits and three of vegetables. With juicing, you can have the recommended daily intake in one drink that's much easier to consume.

Getting The Full Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables: When you use a good juicer, you get to consume nutritious parts of the fruits and vegtables that you would normally throw away, like skin, pips and seeds . These parts are rich in vital nutrients and are otherwise lost if you don't juice them.

Keep in mind that fruits and vegetable are rich in phytochemicals that could provide protection against disease. Most commonly juiced vegetables are : celery, collard greens, kale, mustard greens, rutabaga, peppers, carrots, and cabbage . Citrus fruits, grapes, pineapples and apples, are also the fruits most often used in juicing.


What's The Difference Between Juice Detox and Juice Fasting?

There are actually quite similar however, in the case of a juice detox, continue to eat certain foods while you drink your juices. You may be thinking that this therefore constitutes a normal detox diet but actually not, because the majority of what you ingest is fruit and vegetable juice, though occasionally, you add small amounts of certain light foods.

Juice detox is great for a first time detox. It provides all the benefits of juice fasting by quickly eliminating unwanted toxins and providing a feeling of overall well being. It is however a little easier because of the food allowance. Basically many juice detox programmes consist of a semi-fast which is based on a fruit and vegetable juice fast with whole fruit, raw vegetables and a few nutritional supplements thrown in.

How to Have a Juice Detox

Day 1 - Drink freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice every four hours. If you feel thirsty in between have filtered water or unsweetened herbal tea.

Day 2 - Repeat the above with the addition of up to 1lb of grapes and/or three bananas.

Day 3 - Repeat again with a serving of raw vegetables and another fruit choice.

The length of time you remain on the juice detox is entirely up to you however, we do not advise it for more than 3 days without medical supervision. A juice detox is a great way to kick off your detoxification.

You will feel the benefits of a juice detox within days and will continue to feel them for months afterwards.


By Rand Khalil and Lina Baker


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