"Can A Single Piece of Advice from Mahatma Gandhi boost Your Health For LIFE?"

If vibrant health is what you're looking for and you want to learn a safe and 100% natural way to achieve it -by effectively eliminating toxins and excess fat- then you should listen to Gandhi.


GandhiM.K Gandhi was called the "Mahatma", the "Enlightened One", because he was one of the wisest and most inspired thinkers and humanitarians who ever lived. It's like hearing his voice talking to you as you read these words...

"It is health which is real wealth, not pieces of silver and gold"

Gandhi was, and still is, a great inspiration to thousands of people across the planet. He galvanised an entire population into adhering to his life philosophy. He lived by the principles he preached, a fact which he aptly summed up in a short statement:

"My life is my message"

Gandhi strongly believed in natural healing and the power of nature.

"The human body is the universe in miniature", he wrote. "It follows therefore that if our knowledge of our own body could be perfect we would know the universe".

His book Key to Health is a reflection of the natural health philosophy he lived by. In it, he dedicates a part to Kuhne's bath - the method we share with you here- which he himself practised and endorsed.

"In my opinion the form of hydrotherapy suggested by Kuhne is simple and effective", he wrote.

He also discusses Kuhne's method in a correspondence to Nehru on January 17th, 1929 saying:

"I utterly distrust doctors' reports, I strongly recommend Kuhne's bath and sun baths."

Louis Kuhne, a naturopath from Leipzig, Germany -who was hailed by his contemporaries as "a Genius in the Art of Healing"- created this method, which made so much sense to the Mahatma. Kuhne was an early pioneer of the detox concept back in 1883.

His doctrine of the Unity of Diseases stipulates that all disease is caused by an accumulation of waste deposits and toxins in the body. He devised an ingeniously simple healing panacea based on hydrotherapy -specially featuring his famous friction sitz bath- accompanied by a wholesome, vegetarian diet.

The Detox Bath is based on Louis Kuhne's friction sitz bath. It is a revival of an ancestral and highly effective healing tool provided to us by nature to help us maintain our health and body in optimal condition.

Find out the amazing story behind Louis Kuhne's discovery the friction sitz bath.

We call it (the 10-minute) Detox Bath to highlight its swift and powerful detoxifying and cleansing action.

So would you like to:

  • Safely and effectively eliminate toxins?
  • Improve your digestion and banish constipation for good, without medication?
  • Get rid of stubborn fat and cellulite naturally?
  • Enjoy restful, restorative sleep every night, while sleeping fewer hours?
  • Boost your metabolism, your mood and your energy?
  • Achieve the slim and toned body you always yearned for?
  • Radiate beauty and health from the inside out?
  • Have crystal clear skin and radiant complexion?
  • Learn a powerful yet simple technique that you can use time and again, wherever you are?
  • Enhance your figure, health and well being for free, using only water?

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The Detox Bath is a simple, 10-minute bath technique that offers a natural alternative for maintaining disease at bay by strengthening the body's inherent ability to flush out waste deposits, toxins, excess fat and cellulite. When practised regularly, it's a powerful energy and mood booster, at the same time promoting restful sleep, encouraging a natural and regular bowel movement, and enhancing skin tone and complexion.

Sounds unbelievable, doesn't it?

Read what other people have to say.

The Detox Bath is the result of centuries of research and experimentation with the properties and benefits of water and hydrotherapy.

In our complex world, the simplicity of this method could be deceiving...But who said that things needed to be complicated to work?

Your feeling of scepticism is rightly disappearing as you come closer to the conclusion of this page...

Think about it, can you afford to ignore Gandhi's advice?

He is graciously handing you the key to a lifetime of good health and well being.

Could you possibly disregard it?

Or will you grab it today and unlock the secret to optimal health and wellness for life?

STOP for a minute and listen to your own thoughts. You WANT to download Detox Bath immediately and start practising this amazing method right now, to boost your health and improve your figure.

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Remember that once you learn this incredible technique, it's FREE, and it's yours to keep for a lifetime. You can benefit from it wherever you are, and take it with you wherever you go.

Is your health important to you?

After all, you know your healh is not determined by outside factors.

It is determined by you…

"A person has a prospect of getting well by personal effort. He cannot borrow health from others". M. K Gandhi.

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What is this Detoxification eBook all about… ?

Detox Bath is an ebook that will take you on a journey of discovery of the amazing properties and benefits of water and hydrotherapy. It will hold you by the hand and gently reveal an extraordinarily simple and easy ancestral practice that will boost your health, fitness, beauty and well being for a lifetime, without having to rely on anything else but a simple daily 10-minute bath, using only water.

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After all, your health is not determined by outside factors.

It's determined by you.

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