France Guillain, The Derivative Bath


France Guillain Guillain has written two books on Kuhne's friction sitz bath, or Detox Bath, which she refers to at the Derivative Bath.

Born in Polynesia, Guillain lived on her sailboat for 17 years, relentlessly and single-handedly sailing the globe's oceans and seas with her children. She lived for long periods in China, the Philippines, Mexico, the USA and in the Balearic Islands and the Galapagos.

This lifestyle compelled her to turn to nature for simple yet effective healing methods to safeguard and optimise her personal as well as her family's health.

Guillain is a journalist with a Masters degree in Philosophy combined with high studies in Maths and Physics. She is also a certified nutritionist with a degree in Cosmetology.

She is a fully-fledged author with around 17 books published in French covering natural health, sailing the seas, naturism and childcare, as well as some essays. She has written 2 books on the Detox Bath method, which she refers to as the "Derivative Bath", due to its derivative action:

  • Les Bains Dérivatifs - Published by Jouvence 1995
  • Le Bain Dérivatif Cent Ans Après Louis Kuhne - Published by Rocher, March 2000
Her work is a great homage to Louis Kuhne's hydrotherapy and particularly the friction sitz bath. A dedicated naturopath, she currently actively runs seminars and workshops in Switzerland in an effort to teach and promulgate this amazing bath technique and other natural treatments.

Here's a list of conditions that the Detox or Derivative Bath can help, published on France Guillain's Website:

addictions age spots allergies arthritis
asthma auto-immune diseases backache bloating
brittle nails bronchitis burns chemotherapy
cold hands and feet colds constipation cystitis
dehydration depression diabetes diarrhoea
digestion problems excess weight excessive sweating fatigue
fever fibromyalgia gallstones giving birth
greying hair gum disease haemorrhoids hair loss
herpes impotence incontinence infertility
insomnia irregular appetite irregular facial features liver problems
memory loss menopause migraine missing period
neck stiffness obesity osteoporosis ovulation problems
painful period PMS polyps pregnancy
psychological choc rheumatism rosacea sciatica
skin eruptions and growths skin problems smoking cessation sore throat
sterility stress sun stroke sunburn
swollen or heavy legs teeth problems and toothache ulcers vaginal dryness
varicose veins viral hepatitis warts wrinkles

Guillain has made numerous TV and radio appearances in France. She is mother to five children.

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