EFT: The Vibration of Successful Weight Loss

By Dr Carol Look, EFT Master and Practitioner

Dr Carol Look- EFT There are many simple and successful avenues for losing weight permanently with EFT. EFT can masterfully neutralize your cravings, decrease your anxiety and your desire to hide, collapse the real emotions you eat over, erase your fears of being successful etc. However, combining EFT with certain Law of Attraction “games” and principles will speed up your success substantially.

A much overlooked tool is shifting your vibration from trying to get rid of your fat to allowing yourself to be thin. When you ALLOW yourself to feel thin, instead of forcing yourself to stop overeating…allow yourself to vibrate in a place of positive expectation, rather than assuming it won’t work again…your vibration and self-acceptance are completely different, and your body and mind are invited to cooperate with your desires. This can make all the difference between success and repeated failure.

When using EFT for weight loss, I recommend you ask yourself the following questions:

What is the downside of losing weight. Treat this “answer” or “yes, but…” with EFT so that when you say “I want to lose weight” your body and mind communicate a congruent message to the Universe.


  • What am I afraid of if I reach my goal weight?
  • What feelings am I eating over?
  • What feelings would surface if I wasn’t allowed to overeat?
  • What would happen if I didn’t lose the weight?
Then you want to look at your vibration around your weight and body. People who go to the gym to get rid of calories and get rid of their thighs don’t get very far. They are too focused on the problem, and aren’t vibrating at the right level to actually lose weight successfully and keep it off. One of the many reasons people regain the weight after a diet is that they don’t “feel” normal at their new weight, so they continue to “communicate” this discomfort to their mind and body. Eventually the body says “OK, I’ll go back to what I was before if it’ll make you happy.”

  • Do you feel fat?
  • Do you talk about how unhappy you are with your body?
  • Do you believe you can be successful losing weight?
  • What are your expectations?
  • Are you focused on criticizing your body?
  • How many hours a day do you wish you looked different?
All of these questions will reveal your true vibration around this topic. If you look at this in terms of the Law of Attraction, remember that you can’t get thin if you feel fat, because your vibration will be focused on “I’m fat” or “I’m overweight” and that will communicate a loud and clear signal to the Universe. You are essentially commanding: bring me more of what I am focused on…my overweight body.

When you use EFT to reduce these very loud signals, you will have a significantly clearer path in front of you and will be delivering or “offering” a congruent message about what you want. The Universe will “match” what you offer. You may be shocked at how easy it is to keep the weight off when you combine EFT with the Law of Attraction.


KARATE CHOP POINT: Even though I feel fat all the time, and always have, I choose to accept myself anyway…Even though I’m trying to accept myself when I feel fat and unhappy about it, I accept who I am and appreciate my feelings…Even though I still feel fat, that’s OK, I know I am moving in the right direction.


EYEBROW: I feel fat every day.

SIDE OF EYE: I wonder what it would be like to feel thin.

UNDER EYE: I feel so fat and so uncomfortable.

NOSE: I want to feel thin.

CHIN: It scares me to feel thin.

COLLARBONE: I wonder if I’m ready for this.

UNDER ARM: I’m so accustomed to feeling fat.

HEAD: I hate how I look and don’t believe I can change this.

EYEBROW: I wonder what it would be like to imagine myself successful.

SIDE OF EYE: I’m considering the possibility that I might be able to “FEEL” thin before I “AM” thin.

UNDER EYE: I wonder if I could pretend that I feel thin before I get thin.

NOSE: I’m tire of feeling fat.

CHIN: I’m tired of being overweight.

COLLARBONE: Maybe I could change my “vibration” to feeling thin.

UNDER ARM: I wonder if I’m willing to try it.

HEAD: I feel slightly encouraged right now…


EFT-pointsKARATE CHOP POINT: Even though I still feel fat, I feel more hopeful about my energy…Even though I want to communicate what I want and not what I hate about my body, I accept who I am and how I feel…Even though I’m ready for a change, and I’m willing to do it differently this time, I accept who I am and how I feel.

EYEBROW: I still feel fat.

SIDE OF EYE: I still am fat.

UNDER EYE: No I’m not, and I don’t have to feel this way!

NOSE: I choose to feel healthy and strong right now.

CHIN: I choose to feel hopeful right now.

COLLARBONE: I choose to change my vibration about my body.

UNDER ARM: My body is ready for a change.

HEAD: I know I can do it if I change my vibration.

If you can feel some subtle differences in what signals you are sending out from your mind, body and spirit, this will make a huge difference in your success with weight loss. Then when you have changed your vibration from “I’ve always been fat” to “I can do it differently this time,” you may work on some of the more difficult dieter’s challenges such as social occasions, stress triggers, or certain times of the day where your willpower collapses. Remember, willpower doesn’t work for more than a few days. Changing your vibration can work for a life time.

KARATE CHOP POINT: Even though I’m worried about late night eating, I choose to accept how much calmer I am around this subject…Even though I’m worried about overeating when I’m lonely, I accept who I am and these terrible habits I have…Even though I hate feeling lonely, I accept who I am and how I feel anyway.

EYEBROW: I overeat when I’m lonely.

SIDE OF EYE: I’m tired of feeling terrible after I overeat.

UNDER EYE: Maybe I could change my “energy” around this.

NOSE: I can handle feeling lonely.

CHIN: I have the right tools now.

COLLARBONE: I appreciate my body.

UNDER ARM: I appreciate WHY I’ve been using food.

HEAD: I choose to change my behavior now.

EYEBROW: What if I’m not ready to change my behavior?

SIDE OF EYE: I accept who I am no matter what.

UNDER EYE: Maybe I could change my energy around this issue.

NOSE: I feel so much calmer about this subject.

CHIN: I love knowing I have the right tools.

COLLARBONE: I feel thinner already, and I appreciate my body.

UNDER ARM: I appreciate WHY I’ve been using food to stuff my feelings.

HEAD: I choose to change my behavior now.

Remember to ALLOW yourself to feel thin, instead of hating yourself for being overweight. Allow yourself to vibrate in a place of positive expectation, rather than assuming it won’t work again…

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