Detox bath

The Detox Bath

The Detox Bath: is based on an ancient healing and detox technique, the friction sitz bath created by Louis Kuhne of Leipzig, Germany in 1883. Detox Bath is the simplest and most natural way to achieve and maintain a lifetime of vibrant health while naturally get rid of stubborn fat and effectively and safely flush toxins out.
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bikun-gel-packThe Cold Gel Pack Method

The Cold Gel Pack application is a powerful way to eliminate toxins, fat and cellulite on a daily basis. Amongst other benefits It's also recommended to maximise exercise performance and speed up recovery from intense exercise, by stimulating both the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

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Granary Herbs Swedish Bitters

A Blood Cleanser, Detoxifier, Digestive Enhancer and Liver Tonic Rolled Into One. Granary Herbs offer the highest quality and purest Swedish Bitters available on the market today. It is made from the finest herbs following the authentic and famous Maria Treben's recipe.

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