Detox Bath   Only $24.00

Based on the teachings of Louis Kuhne and France Guillain

A 100% Natural Safe and Effective Detox Technique

Detox Bath
Eliminate toxins
Flush fat
Promote weight loss
Improve digestion
Relieve constipation
Boost skin radiance & hair shine
Boost mood and energy
Enjoy restful and restorative sleep
Rejuvenate and maintain radiant health
60-day Money Back Guarantee

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Detox Bath: $24 For a Lifetime of Radiant Health

Our 60-day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that this eBook will help you achieve radiant health and eliminate toxins and fat, that we're willing to put our money on the line. If you're not 100% satisfied with the results after using this method, please contact us within 60 days and we will refund your $24 in full.

Remember you have nothing to lose except toxins and excess fat!

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What is this Detoxification eBook all about?

Detox Bath is an ebook that will take you on a journey of discovery of the amazing properties and benefits of water and hydrotherapy. It will hold you by the hand and gently reveal an extraordinarily simple and easy ancestral practice that will boost your health, fitness, beauty and well being for a lifetime, without having to rely on anything else but a simple daily 10-minute bath, using only water.

As the words travel from this page into your mind, close your eyes and imagine yourself in your ideal body: Slim, toned, energetic, toxin-free and radiantly healthy.

How does it feel?

Stay with this feeling? now gently open your eyes and download your copy of Detox Bath today. It's all you need to make your mental image come true!

After all, your health is not determined by outside factors.

It's determined by you.

Download Detox Bath today AND receive the 5 exclusive bonuses listed
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Why is this Detoxification eBook so useful?

Toxic overload is more of a concern in the 21st century then ever before. Toxins from our environment, food and lifestyle are believed to be the secret reason behind many of today's ailments and diseases: Cancer, fybromyalgia, heart, digestive and circulation problems have all been linked to toxic overload.

That's the reason why body detoxification and cleansing are now recognised as key to achieving and maintaining optimal health.

Put simply, body detox is a process that allows you to eliminate unwanted, and sometimes-harmful waste matter. By encouraging your body to efficiently flush out toxic deposits, you will not only boost your health and well being, but also strengthen your immune system and prevent disease.

Countless products are available on the market promising instant detox. From liver, to kidneys, to bowel detox aids. A huge industry is thriving, capitalising on our fear of toxins.

However, what body detox seekers fail to realise, is that detox is not, and never will be a quick fix or instant cure. Efficient toxin elimination is an ongoing process, and even more so in the 21st century, when our bodies are constantly aggressed by omnipresent toxins.

There is only ONE technique that supports your body's detoxifying process on a daily basis. It is the most simple and natural way to eliminate unwanted toxic deposits, as well as excess fat.

So easy to integrate into your daily washing and tooth brushing routine, it takes 10 minutes on average and uses ONLY water.

It's called the Detox Bath

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