Body Detox

Body detox, a central buzzword in the global alternative health community has, in fact, become pretty much mainstream. A majority of health-conscious individuals -aware of the amount of toxins the human body is subjected to on a daily basis in the 21st century-, are now seeking ways to effectively support the body's detoxification, elimination and cleansing functions.


BloatingThe Original Detox Bath

The Original Detox Bath, which you're about to learn on here, is a water detox technique and a form of hydrotherapy. It is as inherent to the human race's behaviour, and as natural as breast-feeding. The Original Detox Bath constitutes an ideal home remedy for anyone seeking to achieve and maintain optimal health, and naturally enjoy a lean, fit and toned body without spending additional money. Read more...

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essential-oils3 class= Essential Oils for Body and Mind Detox

As well maintaining good health and physical and emotional well being, some essential oils have been known to be powerful detox aids both for the body and the mind.

Detox essential oils can be used separately or in combination, diluted and applied directly onto the skin, in the bath, or inhaled. Read more...

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waterWater Detox: Discover 3 Powerful Water Detox Methods

It constitutes an intrinsic part of our daily life and we couldn’t survive without it. Amongst its countless benefits to our health and our planet, WATER is the ultimate natural detox tool.

The recent Detox Craze has reached phenomenal proportions, with manufacturers frantically marketing products that promise instant cleansing and purification, in an attempt to fulfil -and obviously profit from- such an overwhelming market demand. Read more...

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skin-brushDetox Skin Brushing

The skin is the largest elimination organ, it is known to be responsible for 10 to 15% of total body elimination, and is sometimes referred to as the third kidney.
Dry skin brushing is a swift and powerful way to enhance the detoxification process . It’s easy, pleasant and yields tremendous benefits! Read more...


bikun-gel-packThe Cold Gel Pack Method

No Time for a Detox Bath? No Problem! The Cold Gel Pack application is a powerful way to eliminate toxins, fat and cellulite on a daily basis. Additionally, the cold gel packs are recommended to maximise excercise performance and speed up recovery from intense excercise by stimulating both the circulatory and lymphatic systems.




SaunaSauna and Sweating

There is a valid reason why human beings have used sweat baths for hygienic and health purposes since the Stone Age. It's because sweating has proven its effectiveness in flushing out toxins and disease and maintaining optimal physical as well as mental health. Read more...

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corienderDetox Foods: What to Eat to Detoxify

To illustrate how important the quality of the food you ingest on a daily basis is, just imagine your body as a perfect engine (Which it is!) food is the fuel you feed it to enable it to achieve peak performance. The cleaner and purer the fuel, the better and smoother the engine's performance. Makes sense, doesn't it? Read more...


juice-detoxJuice Detox: Understanding How It Works and the Difference from Juice Fasting

A juice detox is very similar to a juice fast with one essential difference. You continue to eat certain foods while you drink your juices. Many of you may be thinking that this therefore constitutes a normal detox diet but it doesn't - the majority of what you ingest over the specified timeframe is simply fruit and vegetable juice but occasionally, generally towards the end of the detox, small amounts of food are also allowed. Read more...


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