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Rand Khalil A very warm welcome to Pure Inside Out, your unique body and mind detox experience online. Thanks for stopping by; kick back, relax and enjoy the content of this site. It is aimed at helping you make better-informed health choices, and guiding your steps towards a more balanced, positive and disease-free life.

I always had a keen and active interest in various aspects of natural health, fitness, well being and self-development. I've been practising Ashtanga Yoga since 1990, and have occasionally taught private classes. I've also studied and practised Shiatsu for many years.

In my relentless quest for answers, I attended countless courses and seminars and read -literally hundreds of- books on holistic health, nutrition, Oriental Medicine and disciplines, self-healing and self-development.

By pure coincidence, I rediscovered -sheltered deep inside me- a passion for writing I'd been dismissing since my last academic essay. It's this passion, ignited by an incredible experience with this particular detox technique, which gave birth to "Detox Bath", my first book, in collaboration with my all-time friend, Lina.

The concept of Pure Inside Out was subsequently born, fuelled by the same passion for simple indulgence; and to pay hommage to water, the source of all life. PIO is the place for conscious, responsible and hedonistic health- seekers to share insights, experiences and suggestions.

Rand Khalil

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Lina Baker Welcome all of you free spirits in constant quest for authentic knowledge, information and truth to Pure Inside Out.

Having been involved in communications and media throughout my professional life, I am wary of 'spin doctors' and have always been on the lookout for what is true and really resonates with my inner beliefs.

As far as I can remember, I have been exploring tips and methods that could make my daily life more harmonious, and in synch with my inner aspirations. This quest led me to discover and experience various body and mind techniques. Some of which I truly benefited from, and others less.

To me, what it boils down to, is the Heart. Throughout my experiences, I followed my heart and it guided me. I trusted my emotional intelligence to lead me, and followed the path it showed me.

Armed with this basic knowledge and my characteristic curiosity, I wholeheartedly embarked on my research on the Detox Bath technique. The result of this labour of love is "Detox Bath", which Rand and I present to you here.

Everything about the Detox Bath made sense, even though I am unable to explain it in a purely rational manner. The bath technique felt natural, authentic and pure. It resonated with my deeper knowledge and understanding of our body's mechanism. Its clearly visible benefits quickly silenced my sceptical nature.

In our complex world, the simplicity of this method could be deceiving. Who said that things needed to be complicated to work?

I encourage you to browse this site with an open heart and mind, and hope it will lead you further in your journey towards health and self- fulfilment.

Lina Baker

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